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Carpet Cleaning Manchester
Carpet Cleaning In Manchester

Welcome to CKLK, your premier destination for outstanding carpet cleaning in Manchester. At CKLK, we understand that a clean carpet is not just a floor covering; it’s a canvas for comfort, a playground for pets, and the foundation of a cosy home. 

With our commitment to excellence and the owner, Graham, being a skilled professional, we take pride in restoring the vibrancy and freshness of your carpets. 

Say goodbye to stubborn stains and odours, as CKLK is here to enhance your home or business.

Experience the difference with CKLK, where cleanliness meets luxury.

Manchester's Trusted Carpet Cleaners

CKLK is proudly known as Manchester’s Trusted Carpet Cleaners. With a reputation built on excellence, CKLK stands as a beacon of reliability and quality in carpet cleaning services

Our commitment to delivering unparalleled results has earned us the trust of countless homeowners and businesses across the vibrant neighbourhoods of Manchester. 

As your go-to carpet cleaning experts, we bring skill, innovation, and a passion for cleanliness to every project. From tackling stubborn stains to reviving tired carpets, CKLK is dedicated to elevating the standards of cleanliness in every Manchester home. 

Join the satisfied customers who have made CKLK their trusted partner in carpet care and experience the transformation of your living spaces like never before. 

Your carpets deserve the best, and at CKLK, we’re here to deliver just that.

Carpet Cleaning In Manchester

Read our recent 5-star reviews for yourself

Based on 187 reviews
Sagal Adan
Sagal Adan
Graham did such a fantastic job on my sofas and carpets. He is such a professional, friendly man and I’m sooo happy with how everything looks. I will definitely keep his contact details and refer him to friends and family.
Lorna Kettle
Lorna Kettle
Graham has cleaned my carpets for years now ,wouldn't go anywhere else. The difference in my carpets today is amazing ! Daughter has makeup all over hers and he managed to get it all off! Amazing thanks Graham
All spot on, highly recommended!
Graham was professional and did an excellent job and kept a great communication about arrival time etc. definitely would recommend him.
Ramen Rock
Ramen Rock
Thank you for today and I highly recommend… such good energy and kind.
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson
Excellent service, cleaned my carpets and sofa today to a very high standard.
Karen C
Karen C
Excellent service. Arrived on time, carpets like new. Very courteous and professional
Elizabeth Neill
Elizabeth Neill
A Great service and a really good price. Would use this company again 👍🏻 very friendly and professional .i would recommend Graeme to anyone! Couldn’t be more helpful and sofas looked amazing Thankyou
Steven Evans
Steven Evans
CKLK arrived when they said they would. Did a good job. Was very pleasant. Happily use again.
Ehsann Hamasalih
Ehsann Hamasalih
Fantastic cleaners service great job well done

Professional Carpet Cleaner

Meet Graham Forsyth, the owner. Since 2019, Graham has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional carpet and upholstery cleaning services. His passion for creating immaculate homes is reflected in every job he does. 

With a solid dedication to achieving excellence and meticulous attention to detail, Graham brings a wealth of experience and a fresh approach to carpet care.

Trust in the expertise of CKLK a professional company, to transform your carpets and upholstery, ensuring a clean and inviting environment for you to enjoy. 

Your satisfaction is our priority, and with Graham leading the way, CKLK is your assurance of professionalism and exceptional service in every cleaning endeavour.

CKLK carpet and sofa care

Our Carpet Cleaning Manchester Process

Step into CKLK’s Carpet Cleaning Manchester process, where precision meets perfection. Our meticulously crafted approach is a testament to our commitment to bringing new life to your carpets. 

  • Pre-Inspection: A thorough assessment of the carpet’s condition, identifying specific areas requiring special attention.
  • Pre-Treatment: A targeted pre-treatment solution is applied to break down and loosen dirt, stains, and allergens embedded in the carpet fibres.
  • Spot and Stain Removal: Careful treatment of individual areas and stains using specialised solutions ensures a comprehensive cleaning process.
  • Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning): Utilisation of high-pressure hot water extraction to deep-clean the carpet, extracting dirt, debris, and cleaning solutions.
  • PH Balancing: Application of a pH-balancing solution to neutralise any remaining cleaning agents, leaving the carpet in an optimal state.
  • Grooming: Lightly grooming the carpet fibres enhances their overall appearance and facilitates faster drying.
  • Speed Drying: Using air movers to accelerate the drying process minimises the time it takes for the carpet to be ready.
  • Post-Cleaning Inspection: A final inspection to ensure all areas meet the desired cleanliness level and address any remaining concerns.
  • Optional Carpet Protection: Application of carpet protector to prevent stains and spills, extending carpet cleanliness.

Customer Walk-Through: Providing clients with a walk-through of the cleaned areas, addressing any questions or additional requests.

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More Information about Manchester

Dive deeper into the heart of Manchester with our comprehensive guide, offering more information about this vibrant city. From its rich history to the latest happenings, cultural gems, and hidden treasures, CKLK invites you to explore Manchester beyond the surface. 

Discover insider tips, local favourites, and the city’s pulse that makes it truly unique. Whether you’re a resident looking to uncover new facets of your hometown or a visitor eager to experience Manchester’s charm, our guide is your gateway to a deeper understanding of this dynamic and ever-evolving city. 

As of 2021, Manchester had a population of over 547,000 people, making it one of the most populated cities in the United Kingdom. 

Manchester boasts a rich cultural scene, home to iconic landmarks such as the Manchester Opera House, the Royal Exchange Theatre, and the Museum of Science and Industry.

The city is synonymous with football, being the home of two major football clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City. The rivalry between these two teams is renowned worldwide.

It is renowned for its diverse culture, inclusive community, and reputation for tolerance.


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